Week 21

THIS WEEK WENT BY SO FAST. seriously. This whole mission needs to slow down. a ton. I cannot believe its already the middle of November! There are Christmas lights everywhere and its just all going way too fast. Also, major blessing is that I think I am adjusting to the cold relatively fast. Everyone is hoping that snow will come soon because its so stinking cold without snow. So hopefully it comes. My companion and I just have to snuggle up and laugh at our ridiculously red noses and our patheticness when we try to write with numb fingers hahah but oh my word shout out to my mom who sent hand warmers. it changed my whole life. We had a recent convert team up with us one night and he was freezing cold and I handed him a hand warmer and he looked at me like I had just picked off a fruit from the tree of life and gave it too him hahahah he kept saying, "de verdad, este cosa es un milagro"

soo good news!!! we are going to have a baptism!! There was this women who was a church our first week there and he had been dropped because she had a bad experience with the elders and was not progressing for months now. she called us over and said with tears in her eyes that she knew from the second that she saw our faces that god sent us there to teach her. so CLEARLY we set up an apt with her. She has a ton of health problems and unfortunately she just went into the hospital this morning so right after this we are going to go visit her. But our first lesson with her, we just straight up asked her why in the world she hasn't been baptized yet! She replied that she loves the church and members and she knows she needs to be baptized one day but shes just not there yet and a ton of reason why she couldn't do it. So we asked her why she thinks she needs to be baptized. She replied that it was to become a member of our church. I grabbed her hand and told her that baptism is for so much more than just that. That we are baptized to be able to enter into the reino celestial and live in the presence of heavenly father for eternity. there is no other way! The spirit came in so strong that tears came to all of our eyes! We knew it was true. after a pause I asked her, "okay Hermana, que va a a hacer?" or "okay, what are you going to do" and she quickly replied, well I will prepare myself for next Sunday to be baptized. how remarkable! That the spirit can change us in just seconds if we let it.

This week was seriously so amazing. We have hardly no other progressing investigadores and our zone set a competition for who will get the most contacts this month. oh my word did it light a fire in us. especially since we are the only sisters. so theres like 9 companions ships and we are in 3rd place so stay tuned folks. Its has been AMAZING so see how easy it is to contact. there are always opprotunities (well its getting harder cause no one wants to be outside) but its been amazing to see how many people the Lord puts in our path. We have so many potentials and new investagadores from it. but yeah so we are making a goal for about 20 contacts daily. at the end of the day, my voice is almost gone from talking so much but I just love it!

Oh and this week we went to Ellis Island!! so amazing and interesting. we volunteered in the family history section where people went on computers to find their ancestors that came into Ellis Island from other European countries. You could totally feel the Spirit of Elijah when people would say, "I found her!! I found my great grandma!" We to take a tour too and learn about the voyage and how Ellis Island operated and wow it was horrible. It made me so grateful to my ancestors who left their countries so that I could be born here and enjoy all the blessing of a free country.

Oh one more thing. We had the Primary program in church this week and how my word the spirit was SO strong. I couldn't keep myself from crying when the kids starting singing, "Yo Trato a Ser como Cristo" It made me miss my family a ton! especially my primary aged brothers. Also, "Las familias pueda ser eternas" got me good. #emotional hahah I love this work and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

pics from ellis island. HOW CUTE IS MY HIJA?? I just love my companion. The Lord has blessed me with the sweetest best comps.

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