Second to last email!!

So Monday was our departing trip and pictures will follow of that. It was super fun! President have given us permission to send a quick update.

So last Wednesday all the departing missionaries went to the temple. Oh how I love the temple. Before we went they told us that now we need to refocus our minds for a moment and think strictly about the future that awaits us. It was the first time I had gone to the temple seeking answers for my own life! and feeling rather heavy laden at that. As I sat in the celestial room, this feeling came over me and in my head I heard the following "you did what I sent you there to do" I just got so full of my Heavenly Father's love for me and my mind started to scan through all the people I have met and grown to love here. It was such a sweet experience. I left there feeling so happy. I felt that it was time. So I am no longer in denial or delusional about going home, but I have accepted that is approaching and can see that the future in bright.

As a mission we are focusing on the temple and our new bishopric is super awesome. The best part and my favorite part of being doubled in is sitting down with less actives and playing totally dumb, asking when the last time they went to the temple was and then just being like, "oh you haven't gone?? lets go!!" Last Sunday was so awesome because we had this darling inactive couple we have been working with surprise us and they both came to church and after the sacrament meeting they asked, "so where is the temple prep class?" I started jumping up and down and was like oh my goodness you didn't say anything!! We were so happy. the pure joy that I felt is just another witness of what really matters most. So excited for them. We also have been finding like crazy. I have just been pleading with the Lord that in my last week, I could find everyone that he sent me here to find. and wow. We have been entering and going places we have never been, and people have been so receptive. For example... yesterday we found THREE FAMILIES. like what?? I would get so excited about the return appt and envisioning their future and then Sister Kramer says, "dang it you won't be there!!" Talk about feeling like you got the wind knocked outta ya.

I had my departing interview with president and he gave me some really good advice. But I will tell you about it in more detail later.

That is so cool that you got to spend some time with Elder Whitney Clayton! Wow, talk about a pump up. that so awesome! Isn't it cool how its like as missionaries we can be 100% certain that we are exactly where the Lord would have us be? Such an awesome feeling.

Also A____ got baptized!! But the real success story here is his mother. I____ was fully active in the church in Guatemala, endowed and even sealed to A___s father. Then so super hard trials came and circumstances changed as well. But little by little I______ has felt the sweetness of the song of redeeming love as we have met with her and has realized that her testimony all this time has never left her. She still has a lot of changes to make, but she is happy. That is the first step. and cute little A____ is just the happiest camper now that he is baptized. On some occasions, I_____ was hestitant, but A____ would look at her and say "mom. You always told me that when I feel that something is right, I need to do it. Well I feel that is this what God wants me to do, so please let me do it" sweet moments like that are so wonderful to witness.

I love you mom and dad! Thank you for raising me in this great gospel.

hermana mortensen.

I don't have any pics of us in front of the temple :( BUT after the temple we went through a walk around central park. it was pouring rain but SO BEAUTIFUL.

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