I've lost track of what week we are on!

So, fun fact about West New York. During the month of October, they do these giant hispanic parades and people from all over represent their country by dancing. its so cool to seeing people from Bolivia to Colombia (personal fav. they can move it) to Mexico to the Dominican Republic dancing and representing their roots. Its super cool to see it. 

So definitely this week was full of the usual and the too be expected trials and tribulations. but it was great at the same time. lots of walking, lots of knocking, lots of contacting. I just kept telling Sister Kramer... welp. the Lord is testing us. hahaha but we had so much work this week in the evenings that we had to go on splits! It was awesome. On one of the days we had to do the split, I was left to teach the english class (because they really don't know like any english, so the one who stays has to understand what they are saying haha) and well anyways, it was crazy because that day we had 25 students! Such a full class. It was slightly stressful but its so great because when we start we always tell them, okay! we are going to start with a prayer! After the class a few people came up and said they felt so great there. Its so great to build relationships with them on a non threatening level and then it naturally turns into a teaching opportunity!  

 Most of all, a lot of people calling us in tears telling us they needed us in that moment. It's easy for the burdens and the shame that others carry to feel as though it is even weighing you down as well. But at the same time, it is such a blessing to feel what they feel it to a certain degree because it forces us to also rely on the Atonement and see first hand how it can relieve people and strengthen them while they are in their trails. 

Really good news is that we have a less active who is recently reactivated going to the temple to receive her own endowment this Saturday!! We also have another one who we have been working with that will be receiving hers as well on the 14th!! Such a blessing. As we explain the blessings of the temple, it makes me so grateful to be able to have entered there and made those sacred covenants, or promises, with God. 

Last but not least, we had an awesome church tour with B______. It was super short but very powerful. the spirit hits you like a brick when you enter the chapel with someone and look at it through the eyes of someone who is seeing it for the first time. As we were walking up to the church he said, "wow! I have seen churches built just like this in guatemala!" (that alone made me be like HELLO the church is so true) Then we went in and showed him around and explained the sacrament. and he kept saying " you really believe that I can be made clean??" every time the spirit hit with an undeniable yes! 

well folks. its true. and im loving it. 
con muchisimo amor,

la hermanita Mortensen

With Sister Taggart

Building a playground 

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