Hey!! Week 64

So this week quite the roller coaster. It was so great because we had a ton of meetings for the new missionaries and it's awesome to be a trainer and be on the receiving end on some awesome revelation. So there is a meeting for missionaries to go to when they are only three weeks in on the mish and its to kinda just check up on the emotional aspect of stuff and what not. Well anyway, President always give the same training and its so inspiring on understanding The Fall. well, its my third time hearing it so I got it on lock. It was weird to feel like one of those old missionaries who knows all the answers hahah but every time the spirit teaches something new to me. its crazy how many connections there are too because this week a few missionaries came up to me saying they know people in the Texas Houston Mission. The Mormon social circle is just so small.

So we had a heart break this week. B____ was already to go and be baptized this Sunday. On Thursday we were planning on moving back his baptismal date because we just didn't feel too good about it, but when we sat down he was like, give me the baptismal questions, I'm ready. So we did and he passed and the spirit was there and he was saying how when he makes his decision he will never fall away and all that jazz. Then we couldn't see him on Friday. On Saturday we go to see him and he just was acting super different. He started saying these crazy things that someone must have put in his head. but he was saying things like how he wasn't even sure if there was a God, that he is probably just an energy and all this craziness. Then he started saying that I have a truth, he has a truth and God has a truth and how they cannot be one. I just kinda looked at him all puzzled and was like... B____, there is one truth, and it is the same yesterday, today and forever. The truth of God is here in your hands, and it is the truth for all the world, it is up to us to accept it or reject it. he then said that he accepts the fact that he needs to be baptized, but he wont accept the fact that church is necessary, because he believes that all of them come from man. (even though the spirit has already testified to him otherwise) So then I asked him, "how can you be baptized without a church?" then he was stumped. We testified of the truthfulness of the prophet and church. We told him to call us when he was ready. That was definitely a bummer because you really come to love the people you teach, but agency will get ya good sometimes.

Something cool and random happened on Friday. so we had an apt at 6 oclock with a less active. We show up. No answer. We call, and said she will be there in 10 minutes. So we decide to go try a few potentials while we wait. We start walking down Broadway when a man yells "HEY!" outside his truck window. we turn around an immediately recognize him. We were teaching someone on their porch our first week there and this like 4 year old boy sees me and what can I say? It was love at first sight. He had his own cell phone (I know crazy) and was taking picture of me and selfies with me as we were teaching hahah it was so cute. He was pulling out his toy porsche and yelling at me "oiga! oiga! mire! mire!" and telling me to get in to with him. Well his grandpa thought it was hilarious too. After we taught the person, we went over and talked to the grandpa. he was super nice. A Cuban Jewish person (hard to come by) he nicely declined the offer to learn more but said we were cute girls and that was that! Well he called us over from his truck this Friday! We walked over and he was like "this is my daughter!" she was so sweet. She was the mom of my cute little "novio" she was gonna on and on about how her dad and her son haven't stopped talking about us for the past month now. she said something along the lines of "but now I know why. there is something so different about you two. You are literally glowing! I wish there were more women like you around here" I guess its something that you cannot see in yourself, but the light of Christ is a real thing! It brought a whole new meaning to being a light unto the world.

Also plot twist: we got a call last night from the assistants and lets just say it looks like I will have to be ordering an English name tag because sister Kramer and I are getting reassigned!! Yes folks, you read that right. President has chosen sister Kramer and I go to over to Sparta and teach. When I was in Morristown and last transfer, the Sparta area did this family history push and at the local summer fairs, we had booths that the missionaries ran and invited people to start their family history work. There was a huge reaction and by the end of it, there were about 200+ packets that needed to be delivered to people who had filled out info. All the packets have been delivered and over half of the people accepted a return apt for the missionaries to visit and teach them. It truly is an honor that the President called us and trusted us to go and teach these people! we have been reassigned and so has one companionship of elders to carry the load. We will be there from tomorrow till Friday night and do so for the next few weeks. So juggling two totally opposite areas will definitely be interesting, but we are down for the challenge. should be awesome.

I love being a missionary. seriously. its hard. but its so rewarding.
Hermana Mortensen

 R____ before her baptism. 

R____ after her baptism. Isn't she just glowing after?!

G______s baptism

with Belyruth!

what the elders used to scare the living daylights out of me on the car ride to the meetings. I figured paige would enjoy the deer head

Elder Wildman, the cousin of the Texas Houston Mission Elder Wildman :)

ellis island with sister dubon. love her.

streets our area. don't you love those picket fences??

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