I am a qualified "East Coaster"

Quite the week this week!! Last Saturday was so awesome. So Maria and
Christian lopez (recent converts from Morristown) went to the temple
to do baptisms and sister Dubon and I went to do it with them!! So
president Taggart told us that we were so close to New York that we
should just figure out public transportation and meet them there. So
get this. The two Southern California girls figuring out the subway
system in New York. Doesn't sound promising, but getting there was so
smooth. Not even a problem at all. As if we were certified locals. We
got there for the session and it was wonderful! I loved seeing Maria
and Christian for the last time as their missionary :) then getting
back home was slightly more complicated. We get on the subway but the
wrong direction... By a lot. So we get on another one and then walk up
the stairs only to realize we are in the middle of Times Square. We
are like both kinda freaking out but trying to remain calm because we
don't want to look like ridiculous tourists. So we calmly walk, get
our bearing and get on a underground train that took us to Hoboken.
It's was quite the adventure. I am obsessed with Hoboken. I would LOVE
to live there one day. Turns out I have ancestors that lived in
Hoboken too back in the day!

So there was a lot of rain this week. So that was less fun. We also
had a few people drop us this week so we are in major finding mode. To
even switch up on the game is even more... President called for an
area book freeze which mean we aren't allowed to plan any backups or
put potentials in the area book as plans. We have to act like we are
opening a new area and just straight up contact. Not very settling but
hay que obedecer. It's been good. It's made us get creative that's for
sure. At church this Sunday we had quite a few less actives that at
church who haven't been in forever! Blessings.

Two things that really stick out to me. So there is the C______ family
who I absolutely love. Hna C______ told us when we were there that she
had some bad news for us. She had to go back to working on Sundays.
She began to explain all the reason as to why she couldn't leave her
job and so on and so forth. We opened of the 1 nefi 3:7. As she read
she began to cry. That verse is so well known and simple, yet I was
filled with us much of God's love that before I know it I too was
wiping away tears. It's amazing how much God really does love us. He
just wants us back which is why we promises that he will make the
commandments do-able.

Second thing: we have the coolest new investigator named F_______
from Guatemala. We met him in our English class. He's so humble and
funny. We were teaching him and he was like "hermanita, are you alone
here?" I said "no! I have my companion!" And then he said "no but do
you have family here?" And I was like "well, no but we are all
brothers and sisters" and he was like "no but like blood family, do
you have any here?" So I tell him no. Then he said "so you are alone"
and I was like " well then yeah I guess!" And he was like " NO! It was
a trap. You have God you are never alone!" Hahah hes a hoot. We plan
on inviting him to be baptized the 8th

Well love you all. Pray to send all this crazy rain to California please :)
Hna Mortensen

Sister Kramer introduced me to this. We had just come in from a hurricane and so it was a perfect time for hot chocolate. So then you take this like Austrailian chocolate cookie and drink the hot chocolate through it and then you have to like slam the whole cookie in your mouth before it dissolves and then that's it! It was so yummy!

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