Baby #3 on the Way!! I'm Training Again!

So many emotions folks. Well I am so sad because my six weeks in Elizabeth are the only six weeks I will have here. That's right folks. I've "one and done" it. I am so grateful for the people I have met here and for the many miracles that I was able to witness. I am especially grateful for the short time I had to serve along side sister Ivie. I learned so much from her and her sensitivity to the spirit. There's nothing quite like a friendship between companions. she has become one of my best friends in this short time. We quite enjoyed this summer together. so many laughs. we seriously are life twins and I cannot wait for us to keep hanging out up in Provo.

Sooo much has happened too, so I am sorry right of the bat because I know this will probably be obnoxiously long. So Monday, we taught a noche de hogar to over twently people. It was a super last minute thing, so the winging it was very real. There was like a ton of investigators there which was awesome (including belyruth and her family!) It was super well and I was really happy with how it went. We had an idea to play the game telephone when we got to the apostasy in the restoration. It was down right comical. Hispanics are crazy.

Tuesday- miraculous because on the way to district meeting, we spotted a brand new chick fil a. You better believe we husseled bunnies over there. First chickfila in 15 months and wow did it hit the spot. I cant quite remember anything else... obviously that was sufficiently distracting hahah its the little things.

Wednesday- COUSIN REUNION!! so I went to ellis island and guess who I met up with. TANNER! oops... I mean Elder Driggs. it was so good to see him. okay Borgquist family listen up: The guy definitely has facial paralysis thanks to bells palsy and in his tanner like fashion, shrugged off Lyme Disease like it was no big deal and laughed about the fact that everyone has been so worried because he says he is fine! he is always the last to stress out and the first to laugh at everyones stress hahaha I love it. He definitely its not just sitting around scowling (well... I mean not on purpose.) He is going to work and doing great. He's a happy obedient missionary (trust me, I asked his comp) He says its no big deal and that he will be fine and back to normal one day so he's not worried at all. It was good to talk with the primo :) later that day, we visited C____ who is awesome. he is the funniest Peruvian and everytime we see him he says something about machupichu. He is getting baptized next week!

So Thursday- walking day, transfer apartment cleaning day, and weekly planning day. locoisimo. I spent my time scrubbing dark black mold off the shower. I feel like our apartment is breaking many health codes. it was disgusting. scrubbing the walls so hard and with no success in our hot little humid underground apartment make me slightly naseaus and delusional. all I remember is rolling up in a ball on the floor and telling sister ivie that I just wanted my mom to call the Grout Doctor. later that day, a huge hunger came over us, so we walked over to Los Primos for dinner to eat tacos. a recent convert works there ands its like less than a block from our house. when we were about to pay for the tacos, a man named J___ told us he felt really lonely in this country. he hadn't see his family for 10 years. he felt like he couldn't feel Gods love. We helped change that the best we could :) we gave him a book of Mormon and read with him and the spirit was so strong. it was awesome. we plan on seeing him again. inspired taco runs are a real thing.

Friday- went to the mission home because president had called to night before to call me to train! turns out I am the only Spanish sister training this transfer and P.T. told me that the girl coming is from cottonwood. That's when I remembered that Kaye Baker and told me about Kristina's friend from Cottonwood coming to our mission... Well small world folks because I will be training her!! I am so excited. P.T. also kinda spilled the beans (he is good at that with me hahah) and told me that I'll be getting doubled in to an elders area and that theres a lot of work there waiting us. I am so pumped.

FIN DE LA SEMANA: okay so I went on an exchange with a sister that was really struggling spiritually. she really didn't have a testimony at all. we sat down and I felt impressed that we needed to read out of PMG chapter 3 lesson 3 on the gospel of jesus Christ and just talk about it together. she looked at me and said "why would people even want to follow jesus Christ?" I just got filled up with a lot of love for her. I told her that I wanted to her come to find that answer for herself. so we went to the scriptures. I can't tell you how many scriptures came to my mind. I had her write a list. I committed her to read the book of Mormon everyday during personal study for at least 20 minutes and just add to the list every morning of the blessings that come when we follow Christ. I promised her that if she does so faithfully, she will see the own blessings she writes down come to pass in her own life and she will know of its truthfulness for her self. she was so grateful and at so much more peace. I also made her promise not to step foot out of NJ until her time is up so that she can truly come to know her savior and grow in that testimony. I was a good last exchange for me to end my time as a Sister Training Leader.
Then we vistied tia R____. She hasn't been super successful with quitting smoking so we had the H______ family (the recent converts) come with us to have a little intervention.It was an incredible lesson. We talked about the Holy Ghost. We read Juan 14:26-27. We talked about how it can only dwell it pure vessels. We asked her what the savior the savior would
tell her to change if he was sitting next to her. The spirit was basically visible. C_____ started talking to her and it was all SO PERFECT. We told her she had to stop smoking right then and there. All at once. It was then or never and she knew it. She began to cry. She went around the room and cried on each of our shoulders. The love was powerful. She handed us every single pack of cigarettes she had. Every single cigar. She handed us her every-thirty-minutes-for-forty-years addiction and told us she was ready to do anything in order to follow Christ. Oh my heavens. It's going to be tough, but she has help from both sides of the veil, as do we all.. But I know that she is surrounded by countless concourses of angels at this very moment. Please keep sweet little R______ in your thoughts and prayers.
September 6th is when she will enter the kingdom!
I love my Jerseyites. I love being a missionary. 


-pic with tanner. windy and difficult. not the best picture, but considering he cant blink and he eye was red from being so dry I didn't have the heart to make him pose again hahah

-saying goodbye to familia Castillo grande. I love them

-with assistants. they are Buena gente

-familia guerrero surprised me on sunday. for real. I love them to pieces. Oscar is preparing for a mission and going to UVU in the fall!! (ps dad I may or may not of told fabiola and Oscar that they can get jobs as care takers up in Salus ;)

-marisel, one of my fav investigadores from urguay. cant wait for her baptism.
-looove this fam. little Giovanni is nine and getting baptized next sunday. I will miss these peeps.

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