Week 58!

Hey Heeeeey!

So this week has been rad. people are for real. prepared people are just coming out left and right. it really is a blessing because the Lord provides when your week is super full of exchanges and leadership councils and what not. I decided I know why I get head aches in those meetings. I am just thinking about all the time I would rather be spending in my area. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

So today I will tell you about someone super special. Her name is R____ and she is from Uruguay. Her ancestors come from Poland which is why she looks white but she only speaks Spanish. She is one of the people when as soon as you meet them you just absolutely love them. I told her that she looks like she could be my tia (aunt) because now im not the only blonde haired and blue eyes haha and she calls me sobrina (niece) now hahah

So she is a referral from N_____ and C_______ (the people that just got baptized) Wow R______ has had a super tough life. When people tell me what they have been through and the testimony of Jesus Christ they have gained through their trials, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to meet them. I feel like I am the student! I think the moments we teach R_____, the spirit is the absolute strongest. We taught her about the book of Mormon and did some setting expectations. She said she would read and then we visited like two days later to teach the restauracion and when we were talking to her about how Christ established his church she said, "oh just like he did in the Americas too when he gave his authority to nefi!" My mouth dropped. I was like "wow R_____ you really did read!" she said "well I felt so good when I read it that I read it 3 times, and then some more of the book" Sister Ivie and I just wanted to cry right there. She said she prayed to know if it was true and she said she felt for herself that it is. And so right there I just blurted out "so will you be baptized?" I don't remember a point in my mission where the spirit filled the room so strongly after inviting someone to be baptized. She looked square in the eye and said yes. also the woman is like the funniest person I know hahaha she was like "wow why did it take you girls so many years to come and find me! Ive been waiting for this. I don't wanna be locked out of the kingdom of God. Don't you even think about leaving me in the dust." hahah I love her. keep her in your prayers. but we fasted with her and she received a blessing of forteleza so we are hoping all will be good to go for the 16th. She's been to church twice already and she looooves it.

Sister Ivie and I are looooving the work. We for real have so much in common and its just too weird sometimes to think about how drastically different our life would have been if we hadn't served missions.

Have a blessed day folks


Hermana mortensen

With R____

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