Week of las Moscas

So to start thing off on a rather comical note. So it was Tuesday night. coming home after a long hot day. We stumble in the house and start nightly planning halfway through, I hear these weird sounds coming from the kitchen. I open the door of our cool study room and glance above and there are 48 mutate sized flies buzzing around the ceiling. I start flipping lids. sister Kramer comes over and to see what the rucus is and immediately starts saying "I cant. I cant. I cannot even." she walked over to the kitchen blinds, gives them a shake, and at least 40 more fly out of their colonies hiding place. I have goosebumbs as I'm writing this. SO gross. So we calmly close all doors so they are trapped in the kitchen, run back into our room, finishing planning and decided to take matters into our own hands. We have no idea how they entered because all our windows are closed. We think they came in through a hole in the dry wall or something. So we went RAMBO and start killing them one by one with the back of our flip flops. It was gruesome. Then we whip out the vacum and start sucking them up through there. It was grizzly seeing them flying around in there. (don't worry folks... I recorded the whole thing) Then we whip out the hair spray and try to fumigate them. I don't think that did anything other than might it smell super bad. as the days went on, more would enter, but we got really good at killing them. so yeah. they are all dead now. just the occasional corpse is left behind. luchenos.

Anywho. onto more important things. this week definitely had its ups and down. the days are long but the weeks just flew by! So we talk to Dominicans and Cubans most of the time and its pretty funny because I will sometimes look over at sister Kramer and she just has the most confused look on her face. hahaha I console her that they a different language all on their own and that when you can understand them, then you know you know Spanish. its crazy because my brain just runs on Spanish mode todo el tiempo. sister Kramer asks me all the time "what does that mean" and its an ordeal to try to figure our the English equivalent. we feel like we are opening up a new area. we have no phone numbers of NO ONE. just the members, the few investigadors we were left with (which are mainly dropped) and yeah.. that's is. so I'm SO DONE walking all the way over to Africa to a potential that doesn't live there anymore or a fake address. so we are just gonna buckle down and knock and talk to everyone we can. I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome miracles next week.

Speaking of miracles! This week we had a HUGE ONE! so we were knocking and doing all that jazz and we get ot a door and its a woman who andswer and she looks super surprised to see us. Like speechless surprised. we tell her who we are and she says come in please! We enter and she immediately starts offering us everything. It turned into like a three course meal of juices, ice cream and sandwiches. she is from cuba and her two best friends live in florida and are members of the church and always talk to her about the church and said that she was waiting for us to come. WHAT? then she opens up to us a ton about the death of her son and after that, she was just super mad at God. but he knows that he loves her and is waiting for her to come unto him. she said that us coming shows her that now is her time. the spirit totally guided the discussion and the following Sunday, her and her cute 5 year old daughter came to church! She even asked if we could take a picture together in the church to send to her friends in Florida. she said she was so grateful we came and that she would have opened the door 1000 times over again. I love her. she will be on baptismal date next week!

well the church is true. I love you all. the theme of this week for me has being testifying that families can be together forever. we have met with so many part member families and it is just a constant reminder to me of how blessed I am to have been born into the covenant and have grown up with the knowledge that the Lord has shown me how I can have an eternal family. that is the good news of the gospel. there is no, "until death to you part".


Hermana mortensen

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