Hey hey hey from West New York!

So miracles happen people. i am in a WALKING AREA. seriously. dream come true. I feel like I'm in a foreign mission or something. we are the first sisters to serve here. life is so good in a place where everything is in walking distance! and you know what that means... everyone is hispanic. I'm not kidding. like constant Spanish music in the streets. so yeah. I couldn't have pick a better place to die hard in the mission :) OKAY AND OH MY GOSH let me tell you about my hija. she is rad. we became friends so fast. so first of all, the new missionaries flew in on Monday (last week) and the APs called us to go up to Newark to welcome them and like break them in by contacting with them in Newark. well, this cute new missionary runs up to me and grabs me and says, "oh my gosh you're Mallory I totally have seen you before I am friends with Kristina Baker" and all that jazz. everyone was just like laughing inside because little did she know I would be her trainer! Her face was priceless when I walked in with the trainers at transfer Conf. its weird because we look so much alike. like straight up sisters. and the funniest part is that in our area, two white blonde girls stick out like sore thumbs. 
its funny because every time we leave the door to go out to work  I feel like I'm Daniel in the lions den. I'm not sure if its cause the evil of the world just hits ya in the face or for all the creepy people around here that look at us like we are carne hahah but I must say, there is nothing better than crawling in your bed at and your feet are throbbing and you're dead tired but so happy at the same time because you worked your hardest. 

Being doubled in is always really super overwhelming for the first 2 days but you just gotta grind it out and then miracles come. One of those were the two new investigadores. So Sister Kramer and I went to go meet with a long lost less active. As we were talking with her, we started teaching her 10 year old son who has not been baptized as well as her friend that she works with. Her friend, C____, told us that she had a dream where she saw three elders walking in the street (there was a trio here before we came in) and then she and her friend (the long lost less active) stopped them and told them to visit them. Later on she felt that the people that would come to teach her would be two women. the less active was like, no way. it will definitely be elders. But C___ insisted. and then we showed up! It's crazy how Heavenly Father works. She was so prepared. The lessons were totally led by the spirit. 

Another highlight was a less active that we met. She had been baptized a couple years ago, but after her baptism, never returned. We asked her why and she said it was because she is just so tired. I really love the hispanic people here in jersey and I cannot even imagine how much they have to do and work and especially this sister. You could just see in her eyes how tired she was. I felt impressed to have her read in Matt 11:28 when Christ says, "come unto all ye that labor and are heavy laden" as soon as she read that, the tears started to flow. The spirit touched her heart and she knew she needed to come back to truly find the rest that she so desired. For the first time in years, she was in church.

I had the sweet blessing to go back to Morristown for the baptism of two people that Sister Dubon and I taught. its so amazing to see the growth there. When I saw the L____ family, C______ and J______ wouldn't let go of me. They kept saying "no se vaya no se vaya otra vez" I love all these people. everyone kept saying "Morristown needed you" but I felt as though the spirit whispered to me "YOU needed Morristown" I was stretched and pulled and I feel every area does that to us to that we can become the people the Lord wants us to be. 

Love you all!!
hermana Mortensen 

i know. lame. no pics. camera cord has gone MIA in the transition of areas.  

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