Happy Labor Day and I love Miracles!

Soooooooo basically I am the happiest camper every because yesterday I
got to go back to Elizabeth to see the baptism of TWO people I taught:
R____ and G_______. So I walked into the church and see R____ all in
white and I just felt so much joy wash over me. I've never taught
anyone who had to fight so hard and give up so much in order to make
this covenant with the Lord. The lesson where we walked out with all
her cigarettes was the most spiritual powerful lesson I think I will
have ever been apart of on the course of my mission. When she saw me
she hugged me so tight and just started crying. I kept whispering to
her "R____! You did it! You really did it!" Sister Ivie and I were just
giddy with happiness as we went into the bathroom with her when she
changed. It was just a glimpse of how great our joy truly will be save
it one soul into the kingdom of God. Same with G____s  baptism. It was
great it see his whole family there, supporting him.

Okay soooo qué más.... M_____ (the miracle investigator) is progressing
beautifully. She's amazing. I have such a testimony of taking members
out with us on lessons. We brought the primary teacher of her daughter
with us to the lesson and she just kept saying, I don't know how but I
have seen your daughter before, it's such a strong impression I had.
We were teaching the plan of salvation because of what she mentioned
about the death of her son. I had never felt this before, but it was
like I could feel the presence of her son there. I didn't mention it
until she said that she felt it too and that she feels like her son
guided us to her. So amazing. She will be entering the kingdom on the
27th. So exciting :)

Also B____ is getting baptized next Sunday!! He was dropped by the
elders right when we came in and we felt impressed to pick him up and
he had sooooo many doubts. But it's amazing how the spirit takes over
and gives us the exact words and questions to ask right when we need
them. It's amazing how many like light bulb going off moments he's
had. His sister kramers fav to teach because he's Mexican so it's a
Spanish that is way easier to understand.

Hmmm, what else. I don't even know. We spend our time finding all the
day long and we have seen tons of miracleS. What we do know if fill up
our bags with Books of Mormon and just go out with zero set appts and
within like 5 hours, we have four lessons taught, new invs and so on
and so forth.

Keep the prayers coming! West New York is getting turned around.
Mucho amor,

Hermana Mortensen

Happy Labor Day from West New York!

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