Week 28--Happy New Year!

Oscar's baptism!

This was such an awesome week! Everyone kept asking us about what we were planning on doing for New Years Eve and honestly... the mere thought of staying up until midnight made me want to cry. This work is exhausting!! hahaha I slept very well. So this week there were so many miracles. But for now heres a few.

First of all, Oscar got baptized!!! It was so amazing. The spirit was so strong and after he came in from changing his clothes and getting all dry, it was like you could see a glow about him. At the end, oscar's dad, who isn't a member that we are trying to work with, went up to give the closing prayer. In his prayer his father said, and i quote "God, I am so grateful that my son has taken the step to be a part of your only true church here on the earth" WHAT?! I start up had to open my eyes and see if that was real or I was just dreaming. but no it was real. Its amazing how the spirit works in people! We are working on the father and hoping that he will be baptized pronto so they can all start preparing as a family to be sealed in the temple. then on sunday oscar received the Holy Ghost and afterward he was feeling so good that he was asking us, "when can I serve a mission? How many transfers are in a mission?" and all those questions :) Im hoping he will get sent to Texas Houston mission so I can see him in action!

Second miracle, On Saturday we went to go a less actives house and they are Dominicans and super awesome. Its a single mother and her daughter and they are both members but both very less active and have been to church in about 2 years. We went over and and after some quick small talk, I had an inner battle in my head. I don't know why but i got so nervous! I was like.... well i could be really bold right now, or i could play it safe and just be their friend but before I knew it and words just came out and of my mouth and I looked at the mother and simply said, "Hermana Pena, we came here with a purpose. We came and representative of Jesus Christ to ask to you come back." Her face just softened and she got kinda teary eyed and said "Gracias! Gracias!" It was like all she was waiting for was a invitation. Not only did she end up coming to church this sunday but her DAUGHTER (who considers herself a hard core ateo) CAME AS WELL. and it was fast and testimony meeting and the daughter WENT UP AND BORE HER TESTIMONY! I was just like oh my word. this is amazing.

Third miracle. There is this less active man who is a high priest and hasn't been to church in YEARS. We have worked with him and little and his family is pretty active but he and his son are not. and sometimes it seems we are teaching and nothing is getting through to them. so we were SHOCKED that he came to church. and then testimony meeting was coming to a close and he got up and bore the last testimony and it was the most powerful testimony I have heard. He said that he was thinking about what would happen if he were to die. He said he knew it would be horrible because his family would be on the right hand of God and he wouldnt. He that starting on that day, he was coming back and wasnt going to leave. WHAT A MIRACLE. EVERYONE was teary eyed including me. we went over to his house that night and it was like we were talking to a whole different person. 

Fourth miracle. we are in major finding mode. and we have pretty much no progressing investigadores. ALSO we have had no car this whole week and a half so its been a lot of walking. but i think that is no coincidence because we are forced to just knocking doors all day long between citas. so we knocked on this one house and all we said was "hola!" when they invited us in!! The husband went straight to his room but his wife talked to us and she is one of the most prepared people I have every met in my entire life!! She from Colombia and the spirit was so strong that whole lessons, especially as we talked about baptism. She accepted baptism right then and there! So we are working with her. 

Gosh. I just love this work. There is nothing better and seeing people come back/enter into the kingdom of God. Every sacrifice i put into this work, the Lord rewards me like 6 times more. I am forever in debt to Him!

Oscar's family

All of our zone on christmas morning!

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