Week 29

This week was so awesome! (Like all of them really) 
One perk this week was that we got to go do service at Ellis Island and like no one was there. which was kinda eerie not gonna lie. So we got to do the audio tour and learn all about the history there and wow, going through that island to get into the Americas was not a fun thing. 

So heres a funny story (you just gotta laugh at this one). so this recent convert we are working with, Tino, came to church to day with his wife and kids (MIRACLE) and his friend Carlos! We were so excited and were hoping to start teaching him!! So after the Sunday school class, Carlos asked me if I was married. I said no and then he told me that he wanted to marry me so that he could get papers and that he would pay me. SWEET. Tino thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard and keeps saying he needs my fathers phone number so his friend can ask my dad permission for my hand in marriage. CLASSIC. So moral of the story, we wont be teaching him.

Okay so miracles that are happening here are just UN real. We have amazing members. I have learned so much about the type of member missionary I want to be from the example of these members. So this member, Hermana Rosa, called us and was like "hey! I set an appt with my friend Mirna and so I want you to come with me. She doesn't know your coming, and she probably wont be very happy at first, but come!" so we were just like YES!! well turns out that this friend Mirna has a daughter serving a mission in Provo UT Spanish speaking. Mirna was very closed off and bitter toward the church and anything mission related because she felt like it stole her daughter from her. but as her daughter has continued in the mission, her mother has seen how happy this mission has made her and the blessings that have come from it. Hermana Rosa told us right before we went into the cita that Mirna's daughter's patriarchal blessing promises her that when will she is away on her mission, a sister missionary will touch the heart of her mother and before she comes home, her mothers will be a member. Her daughter comes home in June. So I was like oh my word no pressure!! We prayed SO hard and the spirit would be with us. When went in and I don't think Mirna was too thrilled so see us, but I was just like, I have to be myself right now. after a few minutes, we totally hit it off!! and opened up to us so much. Today we have an appt with her and her daughter and we are going to set them on date for baptism this feb :) I love how the Lord is in every detail of this work. 

okay one more funny thing. since its cold, EVERYONE (I'm not kidding, investigadores and members) gives us hot chocolate and fruit cake in every lesson. Those who know me well, know i love my hot chocolate, but this fruit cake is awful. seriously. but sister Philbrick dislikes it even more than I and watching her face every time they bring it out just makes me laugh so hard that i have to like bite my tongue hahaha 

I could not be happier. I learn so much everyday, and the best part is the the Spirit is literally teaching me in every lesson I teach. 

Me in front of Ellis Island with my official federal government badge ;)

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