Week 30

Well first of all let me just start off by saying THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES :) My teen years are come and gone. So weird. But hey its cool. 

And yes... I got so spoiled on my birthday. I tried really hard to not let anyone know about it. But Sister Philbrick spread the word. So our investigadores Martha and Diego invited us over and made an American dinner and bought me a chocolate ice cream cake. And then we went to the Guerrero's house for Oscar's (our recent convert's) birthday and I thought we were going over just to be there for his 20th birthday celebration, (his birthday is the 19th) but nope, they bought me a cake too and sang to us together and hermano guerrero pushed my face in it! hahah unfortunatley no pics because camera died. and then last but not least, I saw Hermana Detrinidad at transfer conference (one of my favorite/best friends here in the mission) and she baked me a cake and bought me a Princeton sweater. So yes. I felt the love. 

So I'm sure you are all wanting to know what happened with transfers... I'm training again!! Yeah. I know. I couldn't believe it either. What even shocked me more was that there was only 2 spanish sisters coming in. But I am so excited to see what these next 12 weeks will bring with my number 2 hija! :) her name is Hermana Bentley. Shes from West Jordan, UT and went to the same high school as my other hija Hermana Philbrick! Small world. She doesn't know much Spanish at all so it'll be great to see her grow. I also am staying in Kearny and let me tell you HOW HAPPY I AM. I would die if I had to leave here. I love these people. But there were tears shed being split up from Hermana Philbrick. Its crazy how fast you grow to love your companion. 

I love the mission. I love seeing how much I change everyday. Its stinkin' hard sometimes, but it just molds us into the people that Heavenly Father wants us to be. MIRACLE HAPPENED. So the only thing I wanted for my birthday was to set someone on date for baptism. That was it. So I took it up with the Lord and felt really good about it. And let me tell you folks, Heavenly Father is the best at giving gifts. He knows how to deliver. We were coming straight back from transfer conference and I was with Sister Bentley and I felt a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off. But we went into our appt with the Familia Guerrero and as soon as we went in, I felt the spirit telling me that Hermano Guerrero was going to be our investigador on date for baptism. BACKGROUND: he has said no to every date a missionary has given him for the past 30 years. Not kidding. Thats why he's not baptized. So we go into the lesson and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he opened up to us about this dream he had when he talked with Jesus and he told him that his church is true. and I was like UMMM HELLO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? so I asked him that and he was just like, well I need more faith. We talked a lot about faith and then I just looked at him and said, "Hermano, will you be baptized the 22nd of Febrero?" He just looked at me and said "Can I be baptized on a Friday" and I said we could make that work. He said, "well, okay then." I WAS SO HAPPY. I love this family. I know that they are one of the many reasons that Heavenly Father sent me here. So yeah, birthday wish came true. The church is true folks :)

Love you all! 

Hermana Mortensen

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