Week 33- Half-way!!

I've been a missionary for an entire pregnancy!! ya know what that means? well in nine months from now... i will be on a plane to Texas... WHAT. I cannot believe I am already at the half way mark. And people keep telling me that it only goes faster. That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I never would have a imagined when I opened up my mission call a year ago how much I would love my mission or how the Lord would use me in ways that I didnt even know where possible! I couldn't be more grateful. I was reading in D&C when I was studying for a lesson that we were going to have that day and found myself in seccion 88. hay un versiculo ahi que dice" teach ye diligently and my grace will attend you" That impacted me so much. I feel like without much required of me, I have felt my own baggage or like mistakes completely lifted/washed away. And it has been happening so gradually the past 9 months that looking back, I see someone much different and much spiritually weaker. Its so strange because I really feel like i dont even know her. But now I feel like I have been changed and sanctified and feel as though I have my own personal relationship with my savior and my heavenly father. I feel as though I have fully embraced the gospel and am not ashamed of it. I know that this will change the course of the rest of my life for the better and i owe it all to my mission! I am so so so so so grateful I made the decision to serve. 

Well this week my companion and I decided to get creative when we were thinking about how we were going to get our investigadores to church. We decided to do a church tour!! We took our investigador M______ through all the rooms telling her what happens there. She asked a lot of questions! Then we went into the room with the pila bautismal. I opened up the doors of the font so she could see it and the whole room lit up and the spirit came in so strongly. We talked about baptism and why its so important and she obviously felt the spirit. Right then and there, we were prompted to invite her to be baptized on March 8th and she accepted! we then went into the chapel and taught about the sacrament and how we renew our covenants everytime we take of the bread and water. and what do you know, SHE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY! She said she loved it! such a miracle. 

This week we got to go to Ellis Island and it was Sister Bentley's first time. I feel like am i seasoned worker over there now hahah Also. Its freezing cold. but hey. what can ya do? nothing. oh and by the way, sister mortensen aka me takes a tumble due to the ice daily. at least my companion has some entertainment on a dreary day. 

hermana mortensen :)

went to this house for an appt and there is a giant icicle. they are everywhere!

At Ellis Island with Hermana Bentley

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