Week 35--Week of Milagros

Oh my word. this week was so crazy. I dont even know where to begin. We have been in finding mode, which always kinda feels like forever, and this week we began to see the fruits of our efforts. Seriously. We have been working a lot with members and we needed to get creative, so we have been helping members make a family mission plan. Wow. Why didnt I do this before? we have them write down names of people and their goal or acction that they want to do in order to help them learn about the gospel, and then we have them put a date that they have to complete the acction. its been so amazing so see people get pretty excited about it and get all their kids involved and bribe them to put a name down. It reminded me of my youth haha!

So on thursdays we do weekly planning and thats when we just buckled down and prayfully seek inspiration to know what it is that we need to teach and do to help the people we are teaching progress in the gospel to be baptized or go to the temple. pues, we were studying and a recent convert called us and told us that he was sharing his baptismal experience with his friend, when he friend said to him, I want that baptism. How can i get it? so as this recent convert was talking to us, he was like "oh my word, he just walked into my house right now! Can you come over?" and we were like ummm YES. so we grabbed a less active woman and brought her with us to teach. Oh my word, he was so accepting of everything. He’s on date for the 8th of march. 

We also picked up another investigador and I kinda adore her. like its never been so easy to love someone for me. Shes from el salvador, and shes gorgeous and has the cutest 2 year old. She was so accepting. I havent had a lesson like that in my whole mission. she had not a single question or doubt. BUT turns out shes not married. but hey, I'm pretty excited to plan a wedding. 

I really feel as though all these miracles are coming from how we plan. We have cut the fluff and gone right down to the fundamentals in preach my gospel. I love modern revelation and knowing that there are profetas in the earth today to lead and guide us. Keep the prayers coming. Yes. Its still freezing. No, I am not used to it and I dont think I every will be. 

Love you all
Hermanita Mortensen

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