Week 34- #frio

Pues, its a nice 26 degrees today and I couldn't be more content. thats warm for this week folks. It was so cold on sunday that hardly anyone was at church! Hispanics and cold is the funniest thing. They think that if you are outside for even a second, you are going to get sick. Literally, every house we go to gets mad at us for going out side when its cold! We just laugh and say that the Lord doesn’t care what the weather is, salvation is worth it. 

This week had its ups and downs. I got food poising which wasn't fun. It wiped me out all night on wednesday, but luckily, we were still about to go out and go to work. I refuse sick days. 

So this week was awesome because we picked up a ton of new investigadores. we started teaching these 2 domincans this week, J—
- and R______. they are so awesome. so Domincans totally intimate me because they are super sassy and their accent is unreal, but these are the nights funniest people. They are also super prepared. R is the son of J and he’s about 29. He told us that the first time he saw us, he felt this feeling of peace, and that he knew that we transmitted the Holy Ghost. How awesome it that! J is the best and she basically told me that I can live in the DR with her. We connected on our love for the beach and our odio for the snow. 

Our baptism fell through with O :( but F____ his wife, came to church for the first time in years on sunday!! it was so amazing for her to be back. and her daughter separated from her boyfriend and is now living the law of chastity and O (the son who got baptized a little over a month ago) is teaching the YSA gospel principles class next Sunday and passed the sacrament for the first time!! Amazing progress in this family :)

Also, last night we had an amazing lesson with M. She told us that after every lesson we have together, she just lies awake at night thinking about how she just wants to know the truth, and how she feels like what we are teaching is true. She said last night the she has known for a long time, but can now finally admit, that the difference between us as missionaries and the message we bring compared to all of the other churches she has attended is that every time we speak, she feels the spirit. She said last night with tears in her eyes that if our message is important enough for us to go out and teach in the freezing cold and be away for our families and give up a lot of luxuries, then it must be true. a month ago, she could not have been more opposite. she didnt even want to have a book of mormon in her hands for longer than a few minutes, and now she is reading and studying it daily. instead of just having a ton a doubts, she now is looking for answers. When i see the spirit working in people like her, I feel like I'm doing my job here. I feel like I am completing my purpose and nothing brings me greater happiness :) 

I love you all! Keep the prayers coming. Also, if everyone in California could please lend some warmth over here that would be much appreciated 
Hermana Mortensen

mis amigitas misioneras at the specialized training for new missionares. let me tell ya. third time at that meeting and i can now quote quite a few district videos

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