Week 5

 I got these scripture covers cause literally all Mexicans have them and i am in love with them. Everytime i look at my spanish scriptures i get way too excited. its the little things.

Well to start this off with some lighthearted "you have to laugh cause if you don't you will cry" kind of humor, we had quite an interesting thing happen in the casa del raton this week. So like on Wednesday, we walk up to our door to a note that says that our house has been fumigated, kinda sketchy cause I'm pretty sure in the states when they fumigate your house for termites, you can't live in there for like a week or a few days or something? well turns out they left a few windows open to air out the house. So there we were, it was just a regular morning around 6:58 am leaving our house to go to our classroom. We walk through the laundry room cause its a shortcut. Anyway, remember how we had a mouse problem. Well they set this sticky mousetraps all around our casa in the corner of the rooms. Well we are going to walk out and hermana lee jumps back and hermana olsen screams actual bloody murder. And then we peek our heads in and there is a massive bird all mangled in the trap in the MIDDLE of the laundry room. So yeah i started freaking out because for anyone who knows me i am terrified of birds. and it was like flapping its one wing trying to save itself and it was grizzly. So we had to call reception and Hermana Spencer called and simply said "Buenos Dias, we have a dead bird in our house" no small talk right to the point. too funny. we were dying. like dying cause of how grossed out we were and we just had to laugh. so yeah theres that. 

Oh also, it was raining so hard Tuesday night that the auditorium flooded! we had a devotional in there and we were in the front row and we look over and there this water soaking into the auditorium and they had to move the front 4 rows to the back because there was a straight up river in the auditorium. Needless to say, focusing was difficult hahaha and then we had to walk straight back home after and we were wading in the flooded streets up to the knees! yes, the skirts had to be hiked up hahaha. 
This week was a breakthrough week for me!! Not only have a learned so much about the language, but I learn so much about the gospel and how to teach the gospel! Its so easy to leave a lesson and feel, well that was rough I don't even know what to say in English for this person. But I feel like I'm finally learning how to teach a person, not a lesson. It is way harder than I thought but its so much more worthwhile when we do this. So big news: WE TAUGHT A REAL PERSON THIS WEEK. This Saturday, Hermano Silva (he is a convert) brought his cousin for us to teach. First of all, what the heck he trusts us enough with his cousin?? so we were teaching here and for the first time I truly felt like a representative of Jesus Christ. Because I could literally feel the love that He has for her, and every time I would open my mouth, I would feel the spirit so strong. I started even tearing up (also for anyone that knows me, I don't tear up easily so that a big deal) 
Also, one more cool experience. So yesterday morning. I was straight up struggling. Could not pronounce anything right. I  don't know one of those days hahaha I think far too often I speak before I really think out what I'm saying but my district gets a kick out of it hahaha anyway, this teacher Hermano Leon was observing our class and he was our member present for our lesson. During this lesson, Hermana Spencer and I felt the spirit so strong and were really teaching to the investigators needs (FINALLY). He is struggling with his family a lot and we talked about when Nephi was bound my his brothers and he prayed to God and God loosed the ropes by which he was bound. Did his trials go away? no. but when we come unto Christ and have faith unto repentance and prayer and all of those things, he will give us power to over come. I was testifying of this and almost got emotional again!! (what is this??) the best part is after the lesson, Hermano Leon said he had to look over and see if it was still me talking. He said that I spoke with such power and passion in Spanish! That was probably the best thing I could of heard. I almost hugged him but don't worry I didn't #sistermissionary. 
I leave for New Jersey in only 6 days!! I will be emailing again on Saturday so i would love to keep hearing from you and receiving emails from you all!!

Happy birthday and fathers day to the very best dad ever!! dad, i thought about you all day Sunday and on your b-day! I hope you had the best day and the only times I wish I had a cell phone is to text you how advice on how to approach a lesson or for doctrinal insight or about your mission! I can't wait to be able to speak Spanish with you! 

I can't say it enough, the church is true and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to serve my Savior 24/7 and wear his name always. 

 there are this short mirrors and our theory is that they are for knee check soo of course that means selfie time
The lunch today was so delicious. oh and that is a drink that we made. We like to call it "bebida en la rocas"

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