Week 3

So many things are happening over here in good ole New Jersey. Okay so back story: I was in New Jersey last summer to visit one of my best and dearest friends ever, Vanessa! and then I get assigned to the area that she lives in!! We got permission from the mission president and I WENT AND SAW HER!! It was the most powerful experience for me to be able to share with someone who I love and know so well about why this gospel is so important to me and why I am serving a mission. The Spirit was so strong and I know the God puts people into our life so that we can learn and so that they can shape who we are. I am so bummed because we forgot to take a picture!! but we will just "run into each other" some other time :)  

Serving a mission is the best because I am learning so much about God's love. When I talk to people and how we can return to live with God again, I can feel just the tiniest amount of the love that he has for them and the urgency of our message! I dont know how I have been so lucky to have this knowledge my whole life. 

This week we had an awesome zone conference about making spiritual connections. I'm not gonna like, when I just talk to people, its easy to just be really social and surface level and then casual bring up the gospel. Then it can sound like im selling a product. Thats no good. We have been talking about asking people questions that lead into making spiritual connections. the Best way to do this is asking questions! Heres a little experience. 
So we were going over to this lady's house that we have been teaching and wanted to help her clean because it was seriously soooo messy. But when we came her mom and some ministers from their church were there and were really excited to see us and told us about some of their beliefs. They were talking about their beliefs and how they believe that god is all powerful and all churches are from god and have the power of god and sharing very sincere testimonies. I asked them that since there is one God, and God is not a God of confusion, why are there so many churches on the earth? If there is one god, shouldnt there just be one church? They didnt really know how to answer that. They started to say that church isnt important but God is. I agreed that God is very important. We talked about how when Christ was on the earth he established his church and called apostoles. Then I asked, "Would you like to know that there are people on the earth today that hold this same power and authority that the apostoles held?" It got really quite and the spirit was so strong in the room. We testified of the power of the preisthood and how it can only be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and how there is a prophet and aposotles on the earth today and that Jesus Christ is the head of this church. I learn more about the truthfulness of this church everyday as I testify! 
Now heres for the comic relief:
Then the rest of the lesson just got kinda weird. Like all the sudden the mom started doing this weird singing and dancing thing. It was kinda terrifying. Then sister boudesocque started to pray and all of them started standing up and waving their hands in the air and saying their own prayers as loud as they could and i just started laughing. Like I was trying so hard not too. And then hermana boudesocque started laughing so it was game over. Then she prayed again and it was all quite and good. it was easily one of the most bizarre things that has ever happened to me. ever. hahahaha im laughing right now

On Wednesday we had our first english class! We told a couple of our investagadores about it and they brought friends... And guess what SEVEN PEOPLE CAME. I was so excited. And they are all so awesome. and fun fact: I am so much taller than all of them. gotta love those little guatamalan men. There seriously dont know a word of english! I didnt know that existed in the states but i guess it does! 

Also three of our investigadores came to church this sunday too! I was so happy to see how well the members fellowship them. They run up to them to meet them and get their numbers and are just such good friends to them. The members are so much more important than the missionaries, cause we are only here for a few months.

I love hearing from everyone back at home! 
And the best part is.... its all true folks. 
with president taggart

sister boudesocque made me pancakes for breakfast today because its my 2 month mark! 

with some of our zone and this legit pizza place after meeting president and his fam! 

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