Week 47---Milagros on milagros

So many great things happened this week! It will be hard to narrow them down to just share a few!

So first off, we worked at Ellis Island this week and WOW. it was so amazing. It was actually a really spiritual experience. So every time we went to work there in the winter it was pretty much a bust because it was so cold that hardly anyone came over. But this transfer, we were assigned to go this month on a Saturday. the weather was great and there were so many people! So what we do there is we help people use the system there to look up the ship manifests and find their ancestors. It was packed! So I went over to help this Italian family and both the mom and the dad had ancestors from Italy. I helped the dad find his grandfather and they were all so excited! and then the mom was like, "hmm this will be far fetched but Im gonna give it a go" all they had was the name of the ancestor and where she was headed after she went through ellis island. I was like *gulp* this is gonna be slim. but then we found her and they both welled up with tears when they realized that their grandparents come over on the same boat! the woman was crying saying, wow if only they were here now. I took that opportunity to explain to them that their spirits very well could be here with us right now, rejoicing over this find! and how we I know that families can be together forever. I wanted to go more into it, but its a federal government operation and we promised not to proselyte. </3 but seriously, the spirit was so strong as we looked for and found name of many people that day. Its made them seem so real. 

Soooo one awesome experience happened on an exchange this week. I was leading out our area with a dying missionary who was majorly fighting some "trunky tendencies" if you will. I decided that the best way to fight off laziness was working our behinds off finding. so we changed up the plans a little bit, drove up to Boonton and I prayed specifically that we would find a prepared son or daughter of God to share the message of the restauracion. so we get out of the car and we get to walking when literally 10 seconds later, and short little hispanic man nearly passes me! I step right in front of him and probably scared the guy to death haha it was so abrupt that my comp kept on walking because she didn't realize that we had stopped! but I am so grateful I stopped because this guy IS SO PREPARED. he is from mexico and he is probably in his 30s. So we taught him right on the spot the restauration and he was like "wow that makes so much sense!" he said that he has walked this same path for 7 years and no one had ever stopped him to talk, and how that day we was longing for someone to talk to him and felt as though God had forsaken him. we said was so grateful for us angelitas for having stopped him. We met with him again after that and he had read the first couple chapters of book of mormon and said he wants to be baptized! stay tuned for June 14th folks :)

Other news: I_______ got baptized! the drama involved is unreal to get to this point. he has been investigating for 10 years with his wife, and they didn't like that all the missionaries pressured them so much for baptism (i mean, that is our purpose) so when we came in we just dropped them because even though they were going to church and what not, they were not progressing. so when we dropped them, I________ came to us at church and was like, ummm why don't you visit me? we explained our purpose told him that we are on the Lord errand to find people who are ready to act now, and we cannot waste His time. The guy was like, well then, I will be getting baptized the 17th of may! It was cool how dropping an investigador could make him realize how important it is that he ACTS. His wife will be getting baptized next week because she was sick last Sunday :( but the good news is that I_______will be able to baptize her!

sister dubon and i in front of this new exhibit at ellis island that talks about migration of the people to the americas and its basically evidence that the book of mormon is true :)

us in the great hall where the immigrants were loaded into and interviewed 

where we ate lunch on ellis island

talking with my family reminded me that i had a first name... here is its in jersey city!

Our investigator - deprimido

Our investigator - feliz!

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