Week 48--Week of Loco

so this week was so crazy! a ton of changes are going down... but I'm so excited about every one of them. 

So first of all, WE HAVE IPADS! we really have them. Literally, studying with the gospel library is life changing. i am like sometimes almost overwhelmed because of all of the options at my finger tips. Its really funny too because i have to re-train my fingers to us like touch screens and stuff (and those of you who know me, know my thumbs are terrible with touch screens haha) but its so eye opening because from this point forward, no lessons will be the same. we have soo many options now that we can fine tune every lessons exactly to the needs of our investigadores. It has been amazing to see how the spirit communicates to be about how to use the ipad. We were in a lesson with a recent convert who is a single mother and who is very frustrated with her imperfect self. As sister dubon was speaking, i felt impressed to open up my ipad and pull out the talk by one of the Seventy about how the Latter-Day Saints keep on trying. I felt like I was just winging it but I know my fingers were being led my the spirit because I pulled up the talk and scrolled to a paragraph and asked her to read it without knowing myself exactly what it said. but as she read it, the spirit filled the room because it addressed her needs in words that I, myself, am incapable to express. and this is just the beginning! we are stoked on the ipads. it was weird though because the iPad mission conference was the first time I've ever felt old in the mission because we had to get the used ones and we don't have to option to take it home. weird. 

Second of all, the Elders that are serving with us in our branch are getting doubled out and we are taking over their area... which means that WE WILL HAVE SO MUCH WORK. oh my word i am so excited. we have been itching to get into their area ever since the A.P.s called and told us. BUT the biggest pain has been moving. so we have to move into the elders apartment because they are closing our apartment which is nicer than the elders. the elders are like basically our neighbors, so they were just like, you're on your own on this one. So sister dubon and I spent SO LONG having to go through all the junk that missionaries have left in that apartment for the last 10 years to get it move in ready. We found the most bizarre things. It was not fun at all and frankly gave me slight anxiety because I hate being inside when we are normally prosyleting, but I'm just glad its over. Luckily when we went out in the evening, we were able to do to work. But good grief major deep cleaning (see me vacuming couch)

Third, so many people are progressing that we are working with right now that it is unreal! we are focusing way more than just new investigadores, but zeroing in on making sure they progress. we do daily follow ups and we have been sending our daily scriptures to random potentials on our phone and investigadores and menos activos. its amazing the response that we get. one amazing investigador that we have that we found knocking doors always sends us a scripture back that he found on his own :) His name is J_____ and he is progressing so much. we will definitely be getting baptized this June. As well as A_______! (the guy I startled in the street) he loves reading the book of mormon and also will be baptized this June. 

Fourth, all was SO WELL in Zion that sister dubon and I thought for sure that something was gonna go down that would shake everything up. We thought that for sure the transfer text would have one of our names on it and we were dreading it. but.... WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR A THIRD!! AHHHH. we definitely were jumping on the beds so happy. major miracles are gonna go down in this area this transfer :)

One last thing! we met with I_________ after his baptism and he is doing amazing. He said that after his baptism, he felt warm inside like all day. Yesterday, he received the holy ghost and the priesthood! We will baptize his wife, C_______, this Saturday :)

Love you all!
Hermana Mortensen

Pepe (he was a less active that i worked with in Kearny, came to visit me!! he had a taxi job up here in morristown and we were one our way home when we met up with him to say hi super fast! he is so awesome. he recently got endowed on Saturday night he called saying that just got called as the second counselor in the bishopric! yes i screamed on the phone. so amazing.

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