Week 43--Hey Mom, I can cook like a Latina!

So many miracles occur on the mission. one great miracle that occurred this week is that I can cook like a Latina. well. this might be an exaggeration but hey, baby steps. I can make tortillas like i was born and raised in honduras :) 

This week was basically getting slapped in the face with humility. sister dubon and I were praying for some major guidance to figure out how to pump some life into our area, especially since president is really cracking down on the leaders in the missions having exemplary areas. one of the most simple yet true statements in preach my gospel is when it says "nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach" oh true that is. but let me tell you, the gift of the holy ghost is truly such an amazing blessing. sometimes we were are driving in the car, i thought will pop into my mind like, "hey wait. we should go to this street." or "hey lets knock that door" sometime we sees results and we are able to talk with someone, or find a hispanic (miracle in a rich white area) but Ive decided that it doesn't really matter what comes of following those impressions. the most important thing is showing the Lord that we are willing to follow whatever prompting he throws at us simply so that he knows he can trust us. at the end of the day, thats all I could ever want, for Him to know that He can trust me. that definitely comes from my dad having raising me drilling into my head that if there isn't trust, theres nada. 

B____ and J_____ are progressing really well. B______ told us about her boyfriend and how is coming up so that they can get married and she will move to florida when he gets here so they can start their family. We were so excited for them! and then we asked her when he was coming and she said "in 4 days!" our hearts sunk. we were just like WHY? we find someone amazingly prepared and she's going to leave! her mom was in tears because she doesn't want her daughter to leave her care since she is pregnant and her husband wont be able to take care of her because he will be working all day everyday. so we told her to really pray about it and keep reading the book of mormon and we promised her that she will know if she should stay or leave. so then we went back like the next day and she was like "so I've been thinking, and I really don't have a clear answer from God yet, but i think i am going to stay her with my mom until the baby is born." sister dubon and i were just so happy and then B______stomach visibilly moved and her baby basically jumped! she looked at us and she said " i think God just sent me his answer" we then taught about the law of chastity and they were just so happy and accepted it right away. I adore those two. I feel as though I have know them for years. 

I feel like sometimes my heart can just burst because of how much I love my mission, the gospel, my savior, spanish, the hispanic culture, everything. during church on sunday, the opening hymn was llamados a servir (called to serve) and tears filled my eyes at the beginning of the song, and it took me straight back to the CCM in mexico, which about 400 missionaries and singing that song, and feeling the spirit so strong in the room, and i really felt like i was 1) clueless because i didn't even know spanish, 2)poweful, like i was really part of an army. And sitting with a little branch almost a year later, singing that song brought all those feelings back to me . I wouldn't trade this time for anything in the whole world. 

Love you all!! 
Hermana Mortensen

making tortilla con la familia garcia

celebrating hna dubons 21st bday with an ihop breakfast and investigador family!

sister dubon and i taking comp unity to a whole new level with knuckle hlj rings.

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